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By amit jaiswal

The 15 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

By amit jaiswal

Now this is a difficult topic. We all know sports are dangerous. Ask someone who’s done sports in their life for some time and almost anyone will tell you how they’ve gotten injured one way or the other. It’s just how it is with sports. Well, if you think about it, being alive is a danger in itself.

But some sports activities, and especially the extreme ones, have a level of danger that can’t be matched by anything else. The hard part here is figuring out which ones are the most dangerous. If you take into account the overall number of injuries, you might find that cheerleading and fishing are in the top 10. Surprising, isn’t it? If you take the number of people who practice a sport, it may sound like skydiving is overall safer than football. Take the number of fatalities and climbing Everest tops the list with over 1 in 10 people dying. If you call that a sport and not a suicide attempt, that is.

With pieces of statistical evidence spread around all over the internet and no database to centralize everything for a long enough period of time, it’s hard to come up with an accurate list of the most dangerous sports in the world. And how do you define danger in the first place? Given these facts, we’ve tried to come up with a list of the 15 Most Dangerous Sports in the World, based on how risky the activity is and how many chances of dying there are while practicing the respective activity.

So here is our list of the 15 most dangerous sports in the world:

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15. American Football

American Football

It may be hard to believe, but football is one of those very dangerous sports. It’s so common that most of us don’t see it as dangerous anymore, but if you count all the victims American football has done over the years, you’ll get the picture.

In the past, football was even more dangerous than today, with early games leaving dozens dead on the field. Head to head collisions were often the culprit for most of the deaths and life-changing injuries, as the protective gear was rudimentray compared to what you see today. But even nowadays, broken bones, neck and head injuries and various other concussions are the norm in football.

14. Free Diving

Free Diving

While scuba diving is considered more dangerous than contact sports because of its many perils, there are a few other related disciplines which are even more dangerous. Free diving is one of them.

This sport implies diving as deep as possible without using any breathing equipment and gas like the ones used in scuba diving. While freediving is definitely beautiful and pure by diving with no gear in the most unnatural element for humans, often deep down ocean holes, it certainly takes its toll. Between 2006 and 2011, there were 417 recorded freediving accidents, 308 of them being fatal.

13. Bull Riding

Bull Riding

Bull riding may not be associated with extreme sports, but it surely is dangerous. As some bull riders put it, you either walk out of there on your own legs, or take your next ride in an ambulance or a hearse. That’s because one of those bulls, who weigh up to 1800 pounds, can literally crush a fallen rider under their weight. And you can imagine the injuries.

12. White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

Moving over on our list to more adrenaline junkie territory with white water rafting. Riding an inflatable boat on a river might not sound like a dangerous activity in the beginning, but what if we add the wild waters of some rivers and the perils of smashing onto rocks or getting stuck under the boat or under rocks? Broken bones and drowning are some of the common white water rafting accident outcomes.

11. Rugby


With even less protective gear than American football and two 13 player teams smashing against each other, Rugby gets its share of victims, with plenty broken bones, torn ligaments and dislocated shoulders, not to mention over a dozen of dead players after 2001.

10. Big Wave Surfing

Big Wave Surfing

Surfing looks cool, but big wave surfing is the next thing for the grand masters of the sport. With waves that go up to intimidating heights, the courageous enough surfers need to be towed onto the waves to catch them, and that’s where the fun begins. But the greater the fun, the greater the danger, because surfing a 100 foot wave doesn’t come without hazards.

Being pulled under such a wave is nothing to play with since drowning or being smashed against underwater rocks are some of the biggest perils of this sport.

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