shiv quotes in hindi

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shiv quotes in hindi

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shiv quotes

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Shiva, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism, is known as the destroyer and transformer. His teachings and words of wisdom have inspired countless devotees throughout the ages. These 10 Shiva quotes in Hindi offer valuable lessons for life and can serve as sources of inspiration and motivation on your journey.

  1. “Sab kuch mila hai, par tum nahi mili, phir bhi meri zindagi ka sabse bada khushi tum ho.” (Translation: I have everything, but you are not with me, yet you are the biggest joy of my life.)

This quote reminds us that true happiness does not come from external possessions or achievements, but rather from within ourselves and the relationships we have with others.

  1. “Jab tak jeevan hai, tab tak aaradhana hai.” (Translation: As long as there is life, there is worship.)

This quote encourages us to find meaning and purpose in every moment of life, and to seek the divine in all that we do.

  1. “Sab kuch chodkar meri taraf dekho, main tumhari taraf hoon.” (Translation: Leave everything behind and look towards me, I am towards you.)

This quote reminds us to let go of distractions and focus on what truly matters in life. It also speaks to the idea that we are all connected and that the divine is always present in our lives.

  1. “Jo log apni vyaktitva se nahi, apni sanskriti se jude hote hai, woh sadaiv avashya safal hote hai.” (Translation: Those who are connected with their culture, rather than their personality, always succeed.)

This quote emphasizes the importance of staying true to our roots and values, rather than trying to fit into societal expectations or conform to external pressures.

  1. “Har ek vyakti ke paas doh khoobiyan hoti hai, ek jo use mili hai, aur doosri jo use apne aap se hasil ki hai.” (Translation: Every person has two qualities, one that they were born with and the other that they acquired themselves.)

This quote reminds us that we all have innate strengths and abilities, as well as the potential to develop and acquire new skills through effort and perseverance.

  1. “Jeevan ka maksad jeevan se hai, nahi jeevan ke maksad se.” (Translation: The purpose of life is from life itself, not from the purpose of life.)

This quote encourages us to find purpose and meaning in life by living in the present moment and embracing all that life has to offer, rather than focusing on external goals or expectations.

This quote speaks to the idea that the journey towards self-discovery and understanding can be challenging, and requires us to confront our own beliefs and biases.

  1. “Sab kuch chodkar agar main tumhe pa sakta hoon, toh main sab kuch pa sakta hoon.” (Translation: If I can attain

shiv bhakti quotes here are 10 of all shiv bhakti quotes

1.”Shiva is the supreme reality, the inner Self. It is the ultimate resort of all. It is the unchanging reality amidst change.” – Adi Shankaracharya

2.”Shiva is not just the destroyer, but also the one who creates, preserves and bestows blessings.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

3.”Shiva is the embodiment of all that is pure, all that is holy, all that is divine.” – Swami Vivekananda

4.”Shiva is the destroyer of evil and the transformer of souls. He is the one who grants freedom from the cycle of birth and death.” – Unknown

5.”Shiva is the one who grants the boon of wisdom and dispels the darkness of ignorance.” – Unknown

7.”Shiva is the one who grants the boon of devotion and dispels the darkness of ego.” – Unknown

8.”Shiva is the one who grants the boon of inner peace and dispels the darkness of stress.” – Unknown

9.”Shiva is the one who grants the boon of moksha and dispels the darkness of samsara.” – Unknown

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