Seema Haider’s Land Sale in Pakistan Takes a Twist

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By amit jaiswal

Seema Haider, a Pakistani-American entrepreneur and philanthropist, has been caught in a legal dispute over her land sale in Pakistan. Haider, who is the founder and CEO of BMI, a biotechnology company based in California, sold her ancestral land in Lahore to a local developer for $10 million last year. However, the deal turned sour when the developer claimed that Haider had misrepresented the size and value of the land, and demanded a refund.

Haider, who denies any wrongdoing, says that she sold the land as per the agreement and that the developer is trying to extort her. She also claims that she has been harassed and threatened by the developer and his associates, who have filed multiple lawsuits against her in Pakistan. Haider says that she fears for her safety and that of her family, who still live in Pakistan.

Haider’s land sale has also attracted the attention of the Pakistani authorities, who have launched an investigation into the source of her funds. Haider says that she earned her wealth through her successful business ventures in the US, where she has been living for over 20 years. She says that she has paid all her taxes and complied with all the laws in both countries.

Haider’s company, BMI, is a leader in the field of biometric identification and security solutions. The company has developed innovative products such as facial recognition software, iris scanners, fingerprint readers, and voice authentication systems. BMI has clients in various sectors, including government, military, banking, healthcare, and education.

Haider says that she is proud of her achievements and that she wants to use her wealth to help her country of origin. She says that she has donated millions of dollars to various charitable causes in Pakistan, such as education, health.

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