instagram vs tiktok who is better ?

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By amit jaiswal

1. TikTok Video Format

Depending on what type of product influencers are promoting, TikTok’s video-centric format could prove more effective than Instagram’s more photo-centric approach. To be fair, both platforms offer video options, but Instagram is at a disadvantage there. When it comes to videos, Instagram limits its users to 15 seconds in its Stories section. And although IGTV enables creators to generate lengthier videos on the platform, there is one problem: Many of Instagram’s users this method of absorbing content with any regularity. Sure, they’ll tune in if it’s a celebrity or influencer they really enjoy, but IGTV isn’t a great place to stumble across a promotion.

TikTok, on the other hand, makes it much easier for users to scroll through its interface and discover new influencers and products. It also limits its videos to one minute — a full thirty seconds longer than Instagram — giving influencers more time to show off a product or service. If your brand is promoting something that would benefit from a tutorial or demo, it might be worthwhile to take advantage of this. TikTok creators will have more time to discuss and showcase a product, and thus, a greater chance of getting their followers to buy in.

2. Younger Demographics on Tiktok

Instagram may boast more active users than TikTok has month to month, but brands looking to appeal to younger generations would benefit from putting money into influencer marketing on the latter. TikTok’s demographic is heavily made up of younger millennials and Gen Z, which makes this platform a promising place to build relationships with these teens and young adults.

Not only does nurturing such relationships put companies in a position to expand and prolong their reach, but it’s also been shown that younger generations look up to influencers more than older ones do. That might just increase the likelihood of influencer marketing working. (After all, the whole point is to make sales, isn’t it?)

3. TikTok’s International Adoption

Speaking of expanding your reach, TikTok is the superior platform for companies looking to promote internationally. Facebook and Instagram are blocked in certain foreign markets, but TikTok is able to access those areas. Businesses interested in attracting notice globally may get more out of TikTok for this reason.

4. TikTok is more Creative and Entertaining

Instagram and TikTok both bring pros and cons to the table, but a study found that more than half of the influencers surveyed considered TikTok the more creative and entertaining platform. Users also seem drawn to the escapist nature of this new app, and all that means one thing: TikTok is more likely to offer fun ways of promoting products and services.

While that may not seem like a deciding factor in the debate of TikTok vs. Instagram, entertaining content is more memorable and more likely to stick in users’ minds, even after they’ve closed the app.

5. Influencer Marketing Opportunities

Given how new TikTok is, there’s plenty of room for the app to evolve. Choosing to promote on this platform means paving the road ahead, and that’s the sort of innovation that will keep a brand ahead of the times (and get it noticed).

On top of that, influencers are still figuring out how to leverage TikTok for influencer marketing, which means companies may get some say in the creative process. With everything so up in the air, this is a great way

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