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By amit jaiswal

Want to earn money online but don’t have much to invest? Nowadays, it is doable to make money online without investment.

Many of us want to make more money so we could save for essential things like paying off debt, going on vacation, saving for college, etc. Then, reality hits us. It’s close to impossible to make money on the web. That was before. Now, you can make money online without putting an investment.

But here’s the brutal truth:

I’m not going to sugarcoat these ideas because the hard truth is that some of them are just plain brutal (i.e., they’re not easy to accomplish), but they’re the ones to give you money day in and day out.

In this post, you’ll find:

  • The typical ways to earn money like taking paid surveys, using cashback apps, etc. I still put those here because some people don’t know that these exist. Feel free to skip those if you see them.
  • The ideas that can pave the way for you to make a long-term, passive way to earn income.

So, what do you exactly need to make these ideas to work for you? Overall, all you need are time and effort. The best part though is that you can start earning from these ideas right now (at least for some).

If you’re ready to learn what these tips and tricks are to make money online, read on!


17 Ways to Make Money Online From Home Without Investment

Let’s get one thing straight:

You don’t need to spend money online on the ideas that I’m about to show you to make money. I’m serious. You only need time, effort, and, almost always, your smartphone.

Some people have turned their side hustles into businesses. These kinds of ideas are found in this post.

Here are several ways to earn money now and month after month. This post is categorized into two buckets:

  • Quick wins
  • More effort, more gains

Fast fact: About 51% of full-time workers said that they also work on the side to earn extra income.

Quick Wins

Let’s face the fact: With so many bills to pay and the never-ending rise of the cost of living, it’s crucial now to have a side hustle or two to earn extra on the side.

These are ideas that won’t make you reach but will help you make money fast and some free PayPal money. I always recommend to start with the easy ones for two reasons:

  • You’re building up cash reserves if you want to create a more passive side hustle that requires capital.
  • You’re getting paid to do exactly what you do every day. That in itself should entice you to take on easy ideas first.
  • You’re getting more comfortable with the easy ones before moving on to the more challenging ones. The easy ones are your way to train and discipline yourself for better, long-term opportunities.

1. Earn for the things you do (but don’t get paid at all)

giving away free money, i need free money today

Do you clip coupons, watch videos online, search on the web, listen to music, etc.? If you do, you best take advantage of a site that pays you to do what you do.

It’s called Swagbucks. It’s a free site and mobile app that gives you points – redeemable for cash – for things you do. Plus, you could get up to a $15 bonus just for signing up.

That’s a lot of money and a lot of gift cards, to say the least. Best of all, this site is free. You can open an account now, start earning and pay zero dollars.

Quick fact: This mother made $2,200 using Swagbucks and took her family to Disney World.

It’s the type of fun site that doesn’t promise but provides access to making extra and delivers more to its customers. Want proof?

As of this writing, it has paid over $400M and gives out over 7,000 gift cards per day.

Click the link, sign, and check out here to get started with Swagbucks for free with your email, receive $15 cash bonus, and earn funds now. Get started now.

2. Scan your receipts

No kidding. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Just scan your receipts using some cashback apps, and you’ll be on your way to making extra money without putting any investment.

Here’s how these apps generally work:

  • Buy products that are featured in those apps.
  • Scan the barcode and receipts of those products via the apps.
  • And that’s it.

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