10 hot indian series

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By amit jaiswal

India has a thriving entertainment industry that produces a diverse range of web series, some of which are bold and daring. These series tackle subjects that were once considered taboo and explore themes that push the boundaries of traditional Indian storytelling. Here are some of the boldest Indian web series that you should watch:

  1. “Made in Heaven”: This Amazon Prime Video original series explores the world of high-end wedding planning in India, but also delves into the complex social issues that are prevalent in Indian society. The series tackles issues such as homosexuality, infidelity, and class divide with sensitivity and depth.
  2. “Gandii Baat
  3. : This controversial series on ALTBalaji explores the world of love, lust, and desire in rural India. The series is known for its explicit content and bold themes, which have attracted criticism and praise in equal measure.
  4. “Sacred Games”: This Netflix original series is a crime thriller that explores the dark underbelly of Mumbai’s criminal underworld. The series tackles themes such as religion, politics, and corruption in Indian society, and features explicit content that some viewers may find shocking.
  5. “Paatal Lok”: This crime thriller on Amazon Prime Video explores the gritty world of crime in India and delves into issues such as caste divide, corruption, and social inequality. The series features graphic violence and strong language and is not for the faint-hearted.
  6. “Bard of Blood”: This spy thriller on Netflix follows the story of an excommunicated RAW agent who is tasked with rescuing four Indian spies who have been captured in Pakistan. The series features intense action sequences and graphic violence and is not suitable for all viewers.

In conclusion, the Indian entertainment industry is producing some of the boldest and most daring web series in the world today. These series tackle complex social issues and push the boundaries of traditional Indian storytelling, making them must-watch shows for anyone interested in the evolution of Indian cinema.

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