goku vs jiren full fight

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Goku vs Jiren full fight :

Goku is the most powerful anime in the manga universe, and when he fights Jiren, both of them gain full power. Goku keeps the Ultra Instinct. but cannot be defeated with only instinct 

goku vs jiren full fight
goku vs jiren full fight

Will Vegeta become the god of destruction?

Yes, Vegeta will become the god of destruction after Beerus gives him the ring, which is the ring of destruction.

who is god of destruction ?

There are two gods of destruction. 1. is champa and 2. is beersusThis pair is the strongest in all six units out of 12.The distroyers are both the brother himself.

who is whis ?

whis is a angel and the servent of lord beerus .whis is stronger enough that if he punches with full of strenth to, beerus will die immediately

goku ultra instinct

While Goku is losing the fight with Jiren, he archives the ultra instinct for the first fight.This is Goku’s second-most powerful ability.

goku vs jiren full fight episode here you can watch it down by scrolling little bit


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