Bollywood stars attack photographers, and here’s why

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By amit jaiswal

bollywood celebrities are often hounded by the paparazzi, who follow their every move and capture their candid moments. While some stars enjoy the attention and pose for the cameras, others are not so happy with the constant intrusion into their private lives.

Recently, some Bollywood actors and actresses have expressed their displeasure with the paparazzi and asked them to respect their boundaries. Here are some of the incidents that show how Bollywood’s relationship with the paparazzi is not always smooth.

The paparazzi share a “co-dependent relationship” with Bollywood’s celebrities, says Mandvi Sharma, a former publicist for Khan, who now runs her own public relations company She says that while the stars need the media exposure to stay relevant and promote their work, they also want to have some control over their image and privacy.

She adds that the paparazzi culture in India is relatively new and has evolved with the rise of social media and digital platforms. She says that unlike Hollywood, where there are strict laws and regulations regarding celebrity photography, India does not have any clear guidelines or boundaries.

She suggests that both the celebrities and the paparazzi should communicate with each other and respect each other’s space and dignity. She says that while the paparazzi should not cross the line and harass or stalk the stars, the celebrities should also not be rude or aggressive towards them.

She says that ultimately, both parties are dependent on each other for their survival and success in the entertainment industry.

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