A.i websites that can detect your facial type with only one photo

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A.i Websites and apps that analyze photos can estimate various attributes like age, gender, facial symmetry, and even suggest improvements. While they offer interesting insights, remember that results are algorithm-generated and not always precise. Beauty is subjective, so take results lightly. Also, consider privacy and ethical aspects when sharing photos.

Popular Facial Analysis Platforms

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are some popular websites and applications that offer facial analysis services:

1. Face++

Face++ is a widely recognized facial recognition and analysis platform. It provides a range of services, including estimating facial attributes like age, gender, and facial features. Users can upload a photo and receive an analysis of their facial characteristics. However, the accuracy of these predictions can vary.

2. Microsoft’s How-Old.net

How-Old.net, developed by Microsoft, was a fun and simple tool that attempted to estimate a person’s age and gender based on a photo. It gained popularity for its entertaining and often humorous results.

3. Anaface

Popular Facial Analysis Platforms
Popular Facial Analysis Platforms

Anaface focuses on evaluating facial symmetry and proportions. It provides a score for facial attractiveness and even offers feedback on potential areas for improvement based on the Golden Ratio. However, the concept of beauty can be highly subjective and culturally influenced.

4. Prettyscale

Prettyscale claims to measure facial beauty and symmetry based on a single photo. Like Anaface, it provides a score and suggests areas for potential improvement. Keep in mind that beauty is a complex and multifaceted concept that goes beyond mere facial proportions.

5. Kairos

Kairos offers facial recognition and analysis services, including age estimation and gender prediction. It’s often used in various applications, from marketing to security. While it can provide reasonably accurate results, its performance can be influenced by factors like photo quality and lighting conditions.

6. FaceReader

FaceReader is a tool used primarily in research and psychology studies. It claims to read facial expressions and emotions from photos. Researchers often use it to analyze emotional responses in study participants.

7. BetaFace

BetaFace offers facial recognition and facial attribute analysis. It can estimate various attributes like age, gender, and ethnicity. However, the accuracy of ethnicity prediction can be a sensitive topic, and results may not always align with self-identification.

The Caveats and Privacy Concerns

While these facial analysis tools can be entertaining and offer some insights into facial features and attributes, there are several important caveats to consider:

  1. Accuracy: The accuracy of these tools can vary significantly. They may provide reasonably accurate estimates of age, gender, or facial proportions in some cases, but they are not infallible.
  2. Subjectivity: Beauty and attractiveness are highly subjective and culturally influenced. What one person finds attractive, another may not. Keep in mind that these tools rely on mathematical models of beauty that may not align with individual preferences.
  3. Privacy: Uploading your photo to these websites comes with privacy implications. Be sure to review the privacy policies and terms of use of these platforms before using them. Consider the potential consequences of sharing your images online.
  4. Ethical Concerns: Some facial analysis tools, particularly those related to ethnicity prediction, have faced criticism for perpetuating stereotypes and biases. Exercise caution when interpreting and sharing such results.


Websites and applications that claim to determine your facial type and attributes based on a single photo can be entertaining and informative .

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