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By amit jaiswal

AI chatbots is continually evolving, and new players may have emerged since then. Here’s a list of some of the best-known AI chatbots:

  1. Google Assistant: Google’s virtual assistant can engage in natural conversations, answer questions, and perform various tasks, accessible through Google Home devices and mobile phones.
  2. Amazon Alexa: Alexa is Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual assistant, known for its integration into Amazon Echo devices and third-party smart home products.
  3. Apple Siri: Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant, integrated into iOS devices, Mac computers, and HomePods, offering voice-controlled assistance and performing tasks.
  4. IBM Watson Assistant: IBM’s chatbot platform is designed for businesses and offers AI-driven chatbot capabilities for customer service and support.
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  1. Microsoft Bot Framework: Microsoft’s platform for building, deploying, and managing chatbots across various channels, including Microsoft Teams, Skype, and more.
  2. Dialogflow: Developed by Google, Dialogflow is a widely used chatbot development platform that offers natural language understanding and conversation management tools.
  3. Rasa: Rasa is an open-source chatbot development framework that allows developers to create customizable AI chatbots with advanced natural language processing capabilities.
  4. Bertie by Mailchimp: Bertie is an AI-driven marketing chatbot by Mailchimp, helping users with email marketing advice and tips.
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  1. ChatGPT by OpenAI: ChatGPT is an AI chatbot powered by the GPT-3 model, known for its natural language understanding and generation capabilities.
  2. Ada Support: Ada is an AI chatbot designed for customer support, helping businesses automate responses and provide personalized assistance.
  3. Zendesk Answer Bot: This AI-powered chatbot from Zendesk is focused on improving customer support by providing instant answers to common customer queries.
  4. Drift: Drift is a conversational marketing platform that offers chatbot capabilities for engaging website visitors and generating leads.
  5. TARS: TARS is a chatbot platform that specializes in creating conversational landing pages and chatbots for marketing and lead generation.
  6. Intercom: Intercom offers a chatbot and messaging platform that helps businesses engage with customers and provide support.
  7. Freshchat: Freshchat is a customer messaging platform that includes AI chatbots to automate responses and provide proactive assistance.

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